ThermoShaker EGM-206

Product Name: ThermoShaker EGM-206
Product Serial: EGM-206
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Product Description

EGM-206 ThermoShaker can conduct thermo-incubation and vortex mixing experiments simultaneously or independently. It has instantaneous mixing function and can achieve good mixing and incubation effects. Experiment operation is simple and flexible and experiment time can be saved. EGM-206 ThermoShaker is the optimal routine apparatus for incubation, mixing and other sample preparation tasks in biological laboratory.

Product Features

  1. It adopts dry-heat metal bath technology to prevent cross pollution in the course of water bath.
  2. It is driven by brushless variable frequency motor, which is characterized by stable rotational speed, low noise, no carbon pollution and being maintenance-free.
  3. Direct contact to heating module can be avoided in the course of experimental operation to prevent hands from accidental scald.
  4. Temperature control is uniform and accurate and temperature rise and drop are swift. Operation time is calculated from the time when the temperature set is reached.
  5. Incubation and mixing can be conducted simultaneously or independently, and working modes of incubation and mixing can be selected freely. Such three working modes as continuous mixing, intermittent mixing and series program controlled mixing are provided for your choice.
  6. The apparatus has microcomputer control and program memory functions, and can save three user programs. Contents shown on liquid crystal display (LCD) are concise and remarkable, and control panel operation is simple.


Temperature Control Range 1℃-99℃ above room temperature
Temperature Control Setting Range  1℃-99℃
Temperature Control Precision ±1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±1℃
Temperature Rise Speed Room temperature to 99℃≤8min
Temperature Drop Speed 99℃ to room temperature ≤15min
Mixing Frequency 300-1200 r/min; 0
Mixing Amplitude 3mm
Time Control Range 1min-99h 59min
Intermittent Time Control Range 1s-99min 59s
Replaceable Sample Sink Module 96×0.2ml module
48×0.5ml module
24×1.5ml module
24×2ml module
24×5ml module
Power Supply AC110V 50/60Hz
Maximal Power 350W
Dimensions (L×W×H) 340×258×170 (mm)
Weight About 7kg (including module)