ThermoStat Incubator EGM-207-110v

Product Name: ThermoStat Incubator EGM-207-110v
Product Serial: EGM-207-110v
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Product Description

Fast change of temperature, even temperature control, precise temperature, less than 180 seconds for temperature rising from 25℃ to 99℃.

Average temperature rise rate: 1℃/5s

Temperature setting range: 1℃-99℃

Precision of temperature control: ±0.1℃

Temperature evenness: ±0.5℃

Display precision: 0.1℃

Time setting range: 1s-99h 59min, or continuous operation

Heating module sample capacity: 48X0.5ML, 38X1.5ML, 38X2ML, 96X0.2ML, 24X5ML or other special module made as required by client

Overall dimension: 277×250×132(mm)

Weight: about 3.5Kg