EG9700 Color Screen Gradient PCR

Product Name: EG9700 Color Screen Gradient PCR
Product Serial: EG9700
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Product Description
  1. Standard module: 96X0.2ml+77X0.5ml combined module; 384 well module(option).
  2. Temperature range: 0C-100C
  3. Temperature raise rate: ≥4.0C /s
  4. Temperature down rate: ≥3.5C/s
  5. Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.2C
  6. Temperature accuracy: ≤±0.2C
  7. Temperature gradient range: 30-100C
  8. Width of the temperature gradient: 1-30C
  9. Heat lid temperature: 2-110C(adjustable). Pressure of the lid is also adjustable, and with pressure indicator.
  10. Max user programs: 200
  11. Max cycles: 99
  12. Visual interface: 5.7” large TFT color screen with LED backlight with 640X480 resolution, visual interface for processing status and parameter displaying.
  13. Communication port: USB 2.0, let one PC control the running of 1-128 PCR.
  14. Red LED indicator on the terminal show the status of the communication port.
  15. USB line is EMC capable.
  16. May down load user program directly from PC to PCR via USB port.
  17. Excel table data exchange between PC and PCR.
  18. Program in pocket: may set up, edit, save and copy user program on U disk.
  19. Data and file with CRC check code, ensure the data safety and security.
  20. Enough space for extend in the file and table.

Other features:

  • Time step increasing/step decreasing function for long chain (over 450nm) reaction.
  • Temperature step increasing/step decreasing function for reaction seeking research.