PCR Plate 96 Well and Sealing Film

Product Name: PCR Plate 96 Well and Sealing Film
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PCR Plate 96-Well, Half Skirt

10 plates/pack, t packs/cs

ExtraGene® plasticware products are manufactured from prime virgin polypropylenes.  This result in tubes, strips and tips that exhibit a perfect balance between transparency, softness, robustness, antistatic characteristics and gas tightness.

  • Manufactured from prime virgin polypropylene
  • Ultra-thin wall is designed for efficient heat transfer.
  • Compatible with standard 96-well heat blocks, 8 X 12 configuration.
  • One corner is cut away to facilitate orientation.
  • Alphanumeric grid for better identification
  • Each well has a volume of 300ul.
  • Non-sterile and autoclavable
  • DNase and RNase free

Applications for AS320/TS320 :

  • PCR-AS320: PCR, multi-well plates seal
  • PCR-TS320: PCR, real time PCR, ELISA and cell culture

Order Information:

Product No. Description Color Packing
P-096-PF PCR Plate 96-Well, Half Skirt Clear 10 plates/pk, 5pk/cs
P-096-WF PCR Plate 96-Well, Half Skirt White 10 plates/pk, 5pk/cs
PCR-AS320 Aluminum Sealing Film (122+10)x80x0.04mm Clear 50 pcs/bag, 50bag/case
PCR-TS320 Ultra-Clear Sealing Film (122+10)x85x0.07mm Clear 100 pcs/bag, 50bag/case
P-02X8-096 8Strip Domed Cap for PCR 96Well Plate Clear 120 strips/bag, 10bags/box, 10box/case