Pipette Tips Manufacturer

ExtraGene® is a professional pipette tips manufacturer more than 10 years in Taiwan. We offer disposable plasticware in excellent quality for clients, which supply including pipette tips, filter pipette tips, pipettors, PCR tube, pipette tips racked, microcentrifuge tubes, Elisa plate and PCR plate.
We specialize in provding more laboratory equipments, such as adjustable volume precision micropipettes, mini centrifuge, petri dishes and PCR thermocycler. The products are certified by ISO9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 at competitive prices for you.
Launch new package for 200ul and 1ml tips ! Avoid damaged and contaminated during shipment.
Filter Tips
PCR Tube
Pipette Tips
Microcentrifuge Tube
Centrifuge Tube
Cryo Vial/Screw Tube
ELISA Plate/PCR Plate
Deep Well Plate
Serological Pipette
Syringe Filter
Dish / Rack
TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler/UV Table