Cryo Vial/Screw Tube

Cryo Vial (External cap)
  • Cryovials are primarily used in long term storage biological material in cryogenic conditions by using liquid nitrogen at its gaseous state.
  • When removing vials with samples from low temperatures, liquid nitrogen might seep in, causing the vial to expand as it converts from its liquid form to a gaseous state.
  • The external cap has a molded – in sealing ring which assures a tight, leak proof seal.
  • Conical bottom with slotted skirt
  • Certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen-free
  • Re-closable ziplock pack for non-sterilze and pre-sterilized by gamma ray
Screw Tube
  • Screw Tubes serve a broad range of laboratory needs, including collection, processing, centrifugation, long term storage
  • The external cap without O-Ring but assures a tight, leak proof seal
  • Made from virgin Polypropylene, applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device, laboratory and diagnostics.
  • Screw cap tubes are available in a variety of colors with conical or self-standing bottoms. Sterile options are also available.
Cryo Vial-External Cap
Screw Cap Tubes