Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes 1.5ml

Product Name: Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes 1.5ml
Product Serial: MG-6969, WE6P0142, WE6P0160, YP6K3846
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Product Description

1.5ml Ultra Clear Microcentrifuge Tubes

High Quality Polypropylene

  • Accurate graduation marks: 0.1ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml and 1.5ml
  • Flat tops and writing area on the side of the tube for labeling
  • Ultra tolerance for centrifugal forces of up to 20,000 RCF
  • All tubes offered with special low friction surface
  • "Popping" highly resistant during heating
  • Made in various standard colors
  • DNase/RNase free
  • Autoclavable
  • 500 tubes in 1 pack and 10packs in 1 case
  • Color assorted for blue, green, red, violet, yellow, amber and clear in box
  • Temperature Ranqe is from -80°C to 121°C.

Order Information

Product No. Description Color Packing
TUBE-170-C 1.5ml Micro Tube Clear 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-B 1.5ml Micro Tube Blue 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-G 1.5ml Micro Tube Green 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-R 1.5ml Micro Tube Red 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-V 1.5ml Micro Tube Violet 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-A 1.5ml Micro Tube Amber 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-Y 1.5ml Micro Tube Yellow 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-MIX 1.5ml Micro Tube Assorted 500ea/pk, 10pk/cs
TUBE-170-CS  1.5ml Micro Tube, Pre-sterilized  Clear 100ea/bag, 4bags/pk, 10pk/cs