Adjustable Volume Precision Micropipettes

Product Name: Adjustable Volume Precision Micropipettes
Product Serial: MG-7062, MG-7088
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Product Description

Adjustable Volume Precision Micropipette

Autoclaveable, Volume can be locked.
Adjustable Volume Precision Micropipets/± 2.5% to±1.2%

  • EG micropipets offer reliable accuracy with comfortable hand operation.
  • Volume Range: Accuracy:±2.5% to±1.2 % ; Repeatability: ≤0.80% to 0.4%
  • Newly developed high temperature and chemical resistant
  • Easy volume setting–remains set and very clear
  • Narrow neck with tip ejector
  • Must be re-calibrated after autoclaved under 121℃.
  • This pipette can be autoclaved not more than 6 times.

Order Information

Product No. Description Range
TT-2 Micropipette, Adjustable 0.2ul-2ul
TT-10 Micropipette, Adjustable 1.0ul-10ul
TT-20 Micropipette, Adjustable 2ul-20ul
TT-100 Micropipette, Adjustable 10ul-100ul
TT-200 Micropipette, Adjustable 20ul-200ul
TT-1000 Micropipette, Adjustable 100ul-1000ul
TT-5000 Micropipette, Adjustable 1ml-5ml
PT8-200  Multi-channel 8 20-200ul (fit to TIP-250-C tips)