PCR Tube Rack 96-Well

Product Name: PCR Tube Rack 96-Well
Product Serial: MG-7048
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Product Description

96-Well PCR Tube Rack with Lid (0.2ml)

  • Sturdy polypropylene rack accommodates individual 0.2ml tubes.
  • Strips of 8 or 12 tubes
  • Tube wells are easily identified with imprinted numbers and letter.
  • Colors available: natural, blue, green, pink, yellow or assorted colors (packs of 5).

Order Information

Product No. Description Color Packing
P1090-S 96-Well PCR Rack Assorted 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs
P1090-C 96-Well PCR Rack Clear 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs
P1090-B 96-Well PCR Rack Blue 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs
P1090-G 96-Well PCR Rack Green 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs
P1090-P 96-Well PCR Rack Pink 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs
P1090-Y 96-Well PCR Rack Yellow 5ea/pk, 20pk/cs